How to take care of your hair?

Hair is the jewel of our body. It is a true beauty asset that needs to be well cared for to stay healthy and retain its original charm! In general, everyone has their own hair routine. But sometimes, the care applied does not give the desired result. As a result, hair becomes damaged or looks dull and lifeless. How do you take care of your hair? You’ll find some answers to this question in this article.

how to take care of your hair

1 – Knowing your hair type

To take good care of your hair, the first thing to do is to define its nature. Is it dry, normal or greasy? Is it straight, frizzy or curly; thick or thin? Are they colored? Are they damaged?

To help you determine your type, we have written an article on the different types of hair for men and the different types for women.

If you are not sure, don’t hesitate to ask a professional for a diagnosis. He knows the different types of hair and their specificity. This step is of crucial importance, because there is a hair routine adapted to each type of hair.

It should be noted that over time, the nature of hair can change. Many factors are responsible for this phenomenon, such as age, the care applied, the way you eat and your state of health.

2 – Learn how to brush your hair properly

Someone who wants to know how to take care of his hair must at least master the issue of brushing. It is necessary to brush your hair daily, especially in the evening and in the morning. The use of a brush made of natural material like wood is recommended. You must also adopt the right gesture.

You should start from the nape of the neck to the forehead, from the temples to the top of the head and from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Successful brushing stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and better regulation of sebum production. Sebum is a substance produced by the body that protects the hair fiber from drying out.

3 – Learn how to wash your hair properly

To have beautiful hair, you must learn to wash it well. First of all, it is necessary to choose the frequency of washing. It should be limited to two or three times a week. It is also essential to use a shampoo and a conditioner adapted to its type of hair.

washing tips to take care of your hair

When washing, wet the hair with warm water before applying the cleanser. This is a way to control the amount of shampoo used and not to weaken the hair. It is recommended to spread the product all over the hair. Then, massage the scalp. It is strongly advised against rubbing the ends.

After a good rinse, the application of the conditioner is on the program. It is necessary to bet on a nourishing and hydrating product to take care of its hair. It is to be applied to the lengths and ends. After one or two minutes, rinse the hair well.

After washing, the use of a hairdryer directly is not recommended, you must first rinse your hair well and then blot it with a towel. If you have to use a hair dryer, you should choose a moderate temperature. High heat can cause hair loss.

hair dryer

4 – Apply treatments according to the nature of your hair

Sometimes it’s hard to know which hair care products are right for your hair type. Here are some tips that may help you make the right choice.

Hair care for straight hair

In general, straight hair is very fine. It tends to tangle and become greasy quickly. To give it more volume and avoid breakage during brushing, you should use hair products adapted to fine hair, which is usually light.

You should also avoid washing your hair frequently. One or two washes per week is more than enough. Of course, having oily hair is not pleasant. But it is possible to hide this imperfection by tying it up or wearing headbands.

Care for wavy hair

For people with curly or wavy hair, it is advisable to detangle with your fingers. Using a brush could break the curls. As for the products to be used, they must have a moisturizing effect.

Applying a nourishing hair mask to the ends once a week is also recommended. This facilitates detangling and reduces the risk of breakage. Moreover, it is a way to take care of your hair and keep it healthy.

Care for frizzy hair

In most cases, frizzy hair is dry and fragile. It has difficulty resisting external aggressions such as the sun, wind and dust. Therefore, it needs a good protection.

First of all, it is necessary to reduce to the minimum their handling. That’s why it is advisable to adopt a protective hairstyle. You should also avoid washing your hair frequently. One wash a week is enough to remove impurities.

In addition to all this, the use of a classic plastic brush is not recommended. You should arm yourself with a model equipped with boar bristles. The latter is less aggressive.  Finally, the product for frizzy hair must have a moisturizing effect. It is necessary to privilege the care without rinsing.

Care for colored hair

For people with colored hair, the care to be applied is more complex. It must be said that after coloring, hair is much more fragile. In addition, it is important to choose the right hair care products to optimize the shine of the color and nourish the hair. 

The use of pigment fixers is necessary. It is also advisable to use a nourishing shampoo that can protect the lengths against external aggressions. The detangling conditioner and the moisturizing mask are not to be forgotten.

Other tips to consider

In order to take care of your hair and have healthy and beautiful hair, you should think about going to the hairdresser from time to time. The diagnosis of a professional is necessary to identify the problems in time.

In addition to all this, it is advisable to prefer natural care products since they are less aggressive. Indeed, they do not contain chemical ingredients that could harm the health of the scalp. If you have damaged hair, you can save it by using certain vegetable oils. This is the case with coconut oil, which is rich in lauric acid. This natural product helps moisturize and nourish hair fibers. It can also strengthen each hair thanks to its high content of vitamins E and K and iron.

prevent hair loss

Now you know how to take care of your hair. If you need more help, the team at our Brussels clinic is here to meet all your hair needs, from transplants to treatments. Contact us to learn more about what we offer.

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