The truth about the different types of women’s hair

Knowing your hair type allows you to effectively define your hair routine. It must be said that some hair needs special care because of its fragility. If you know the nature of your mane, you can also take the necessary precautions to avoid problems such as baldness, which affects both women and men. What are the different natures and types of women’s hair?

types of women's hair

The main types of women’s hair

First, it is important to note that hair grows in hair follicles. These are small pockets distributed on the scalp that produce the components of each hair fiber, including keratin. They define the structure of the hair. In general, there are three types of hair.

Normal women’s hair type

Women with normal hair types are truly spoiled by nature. They have a beautiful mane that is recognizable by its shiny appearance, its tone and its great flexibility. Their hair is neither greasy or dry and it doesn’t itch. It only starts to become greasy two or three days after washing.

This hair is also silky, soft to the touch and easy to style. If this description fits your hair, then it’s normal. But beware! It doesn’t take much to change your hair’s nature. Some of the factors that cause this change are poor lifestyle and the use of the wrong hair care products. 

Oily hair type for women

When the scalp secretes a large amount of sebum, the hair becomes greasy. In general, this phenomenon is linked to an unbalanced diet, stress and hormonal disorders that are very common in women. But it can also be hereditary.

The particularity of oily hair is that it tends to be heavy and limp. The roots become greasy quickly, which encourages the appearance of dandruff. Dandruff appears in the form of patches that cover the scalp. This type of hair needs frequent washing.

Type of dry hair for women

Dull, fragile, irritable, rough…, this is what defines dry hair types. This time, the secretion of sebum by the scalp is insufficient. As a result, the lipidic film is no longer able to lubricate the hair fiber and protect it. Very dry hair even tends to become very brittle. They are therefore prone to falling out.

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The different types of women’s hair

Experts have developed a hair classification system. It makes it easy to differentiate them. In general, there are four main categories of women’s hair.

Straight or straight hair

Having straight hair has its advantages and disadvantages.  In general, it is beautiful, shiny, silky and easy to detangle. But it doesn’t work with every hairstyle. If you have straight hair, you should avoid frequent use of a curling iron or blow dryer. This promotes dehydration and dryness of the hair fibers.

Straight hair comes in three categories. It can be thin, thick and thicker. Women’s hair types that are thin in nature often have a greasy, shiny appearance. When it has more volume, it is oily and shiny. Thick hair is heavy and dense and has an oily appearance.

Wavy hair for women

Wavy hair is a type of women’s hair that is neither straight nor curly. It usually has S-shaped waves on the lengths. They are sometimes discreet and not very defined, which is the case when the hair is fine. On the other hand, they are more visible and sometimes even very pronounced when the hair is thick and voluminous.

This type of hair requires special care, as it tends to dehydrate quickly. It can also be difficult to style, as it does not always behave evenly. To tame frizz, it is important to use a good conditioner. It’s also best to style hair while it’s still damp so that the waves have a chance to set before drying.

Curly hair

Curly hair is often characterized by its voluminous, bouncy texture. However, it can be notoriously difficult to style and frizz is always a problem. There are different types of curls for women with frizzy hair.

Loose curls are the most common. Individual strands tend to be thick and wrap around each other in slight S-shaped waves. This type of curl is relatively easy to maintain. Regular or well-defined curls are very similar to loose curls, but the individual strands are thinner and wind in tighter spirals.

Frizzy hair for women

Frizzy hair is characterized by its spiral shape. It is often very voluminous and dense, but it is often short because it grows very slowly. Frizzy hair is very fragile and breaks easily, which makes it difficult to achieve long hair without proper care.

This type of female hair requires special care to prevent further damage and to promote healthy growth. To wash frizzy hair, it is important to use a gentle shampoo and conditioner that will not strip the hair of its natural oils. It is also important to use a wide-toothed comb or brush to detangle the hair, taking care not to pull or tear the strands. Regular deep treatments are also recommended to moisturize the hair and fight frizz.

female hair and baldness

No matter what type of hair you have, it is possible to suffer from hair loss. If you are suffering from hair loss and want a solution that will last, hair transplant surgery is a much better solution! At our clinic in Brussels, we offer free consultations to answer all your questions and ease your fears!

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