Implantation directe de cheveux direct hair implantation Innovation in minimally invasive hair care More information Service starts only from $199 Regen-hair is the specialist in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of hair loss in Belgium and has opened its first center in Brussels.
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Hair transplant Clinic in Brussels : Formerly DHI Belgium

Specialist in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of hair loss since 1970. Regen-hair is an international group that is opening its first dedicated hair transplant center in Brussels, Belgium.

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    No more hair loss, get your original hair back!

Direct hair implantation is the best hair transplant technique in the world. It is powered by the triple synergy of technology, teamwork and technique. This method, which is similar to DHI’s, is available at our new hair transplant centre in Belgium and offers a 100% natural result and faster healing.

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    Still not convinced ?

    It is normal to have doubts, they also had them before starting their hair transplant, however they took the step, and they agreed to give you a full feedback to reassure you. 

    They have agreed to let you have the results before and after their transplant in pictures and some of them have also left us a little note, we have grouped them on one page so that you can see for yourself the efficiency of the transplant!

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    Testimony of Ben Chambers

    He talks about his Hair transplant

    The hair restoration technique (direct hair implantation) is the most advanced in the world. It is a painless procedure, under local anaesthetic, without any incisions or scars. The transplantation is carried out entirely by specialists trained and certified in the DHI Academy.

    Ben Chambers had the opportunity to have his hair transplanted while at the DHI clinic. He made a video some time later to testify about his experience and show that his hair restoration is a great success.

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    Hair news and tips


    How to treat baldness?

    Baldness is a real problem that affects many men and women around the world. It is not irreversible, but most people do not know how to treat baldness. Indeed, there are various methods to get rid of baldness and regain a beautiful head of hair: from natural methods, to transplants, to injections, to medication. By...
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    What is baldness for women?

    Female pattern baldness is becoming increasingly common, but more importantly, it is affecting younger and younger women. Less common than in men, it is characterised by a loss of hair density. Caused mainly by hormonal disorders, the type of baldness that causes 95% of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. Focus on female baldness.
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    Customer Testimonials

    • I travelled to the transplant centre from Israel. It was an amazing treatment. I highly recommend it to all men who are losing their hair.

      Eram S.
    • Great experience, better than expected, very professional group, highly recommend.

      Odysseas M.
    • I had to repair an old hair implant that wasn’t working well, and I have to say that the direct hair implant technique is by far the best technique.

      Allan H.