Results of the hair transplant

Overview before and after hair transplantation

At our Regen-Hair centre, we perform the best hair transplants for men and women in Belgium, using the most efficient techniques (FUE transplantation, direct hair implantation).
avant l'implant directaprès l'implant direct
perte de cheveuxAprès la greffe de cheveux
rendu avant l'implantrendu après l'implant
avant l'implant capillaireaprès l'implant capillaire
aperçu avant greffeaperçu après greffe
avant perte capillaireaprès pose capillaire

Before and after beard transplant photos

The beard transplant is done by one of our specialists, via the implant of hair follicles and according to the shape desired by the patient.
Avant la greffe de barbeAprès la greffe de barbe

Result before/after eyebrow transplantation

Our doctor is a specialist in eyebrow grafting for both men and women. A 100% natural result in an area that you have defined.
après l'implant de sourcilsavant implant sourcil

Feedback and Testimonials

  • I travelled to IHD from Israel. It was an incredible treatment. I highly recommend it to all men who are losing their hair.

    Eram S.
  • Great experience, better than expected, very professional group, highly recommend.

    Odysseas M.
  • I had to repair an old hair implant that wasn’t working well, and I have to say that the direct hair implant technique is by far the best technique.

    Allan H.