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Free Diagnosis

Based on the information you provide, your situation and the photos you send us, we will send you a complete and free diagnosis.

Your Detailed Information

For a complete diagnosis, please send us : 

For a hair transplant (5 photos): a photo of the front, both sides, top and back of your head (donor area)
For a beard transplant (4 photos): a photo of the front, both sides and the back of your head (donor area)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the free diagnosis work?

    To get a free diagnosis you just have to send photos of the head (front, profiles, back and top) or the beard (front and profiles).
    We will send you a quote for a transplant or care and if you wish to go further there will be either a consultation (free of charge) or a questionnaire.

    What is the difference between the transplant you did and the one done in Turkey?

    What is different from Turkey is that our transplants are done with the permanent presence of the doctor and his assistants, the result is guaranteed and can be checked by free consultations during a period of 1 year after surgery.

    How do I pay for the transplant?

    The payment of the transplant is done by paying a deposit when the date is fixed and the rest is paid on the day of the operation, in cash or by bank transfer.

    How long does a hair transplant take?

    With our FUE method (Follicle by Follicle), an operation can last from 4 to 6 hours depending on the number of grafts implanted.

    Are there any documents to be provided?

    For healthy patients there are no documents to provide apart from the signed estimate.
    For those with medical problems compatible with the transplant, a blood test and the treatment followed are required.

    Is there any preparation to do before the transplant?

    The preparation for a hair transplant is the same as for a normal operation, lead a healthy life, eat well, reduce or stop smoking and alcohol.