Instant Results with Micropigmentation

DHI Scalp Micropigmentation (MPG) is an instant hair restoration method for both normal and increased hair loss. It can be used for both men and women, age is not important to benefit from this treatment.

MPG is applied to the scalp, in the area of dilution as small dots or lines, between existing hair to present the illusion of higher density, or on a completely bald scalp for a shaved look.

This technique can be used on different parts of the body, the professionals adapt it to your needs and convenience.

Après la micropigmentationAvant la micropigmentation

Still not convinced?

The well-being of an individual goes beyond his or her health. Adequate ease and comfort in one’s own skin can be taken into account when talking about well-being.

However, while physical exercise and a good diet can bring about a beautiful change in the body, it is also possible to improve one’s appearance through cosmetic medicine. You can therefore regain psychological and emotional comfort by offering yourself the services of micropigmentation.

What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is an aesthetic medicine procedure that corrects and harmonises the face and body. It is achieved through the implantation of pigments in specific areas of the epidermis. 

These pigments allow you to have a specific colour or shape in these areas. To understand more easily, think of micropigmentation as eternal make-up.

It is often used on the face to improve the appearance of the lips, eyebrows and eyes. It can also be used on the body to improve the appearance of the areola after breast reconstruction. It is also very useful for masking defects related to scars or diseases that cause loss of skin pigmentation. This technique can also be used to cover hair loss.

How is micropigmentation used to improve its appearance?

  • 1 - On the lips: can improve lip contours by giving the impression of greater volume and masking imperfections.
  • 2 - For the eyebrows: micropigmentation can rebalance the eyebrows and make imperfections disappear by using shades that are close to the colour of your hair so as not to show anything.
  • 3 - Eyelash line: With a natural tone, very good results can be achieved on the upper lash line. Eyeliner can increase the density of the lashes and enlarge the look. Micro-pigmentation of this area always gives a perfectly defined look.
  • 4 - Areola reconstruction: Women who have undergone breast reconstruction now have the opportunity to restore the natural appearance of their breasts and hide surgical scars with micropigmentation

Why do a micro-pigmentation?

Micro-pigmentation is a technique that allows you to look absolutely beautiful. This make-up technique will not require you to go to your beautician for endless sessions. For a long-lasting new appearance, you will only be asked for a maintenance session with an interval of two years. Moreover, this technique makes your appearance better without causing any radical change.

The purpose of micropigmentation is simply to correct any imperfections that prevent your face or body from being in perfect harmony. By opting for this make-up technique, you save a lot of money in terms of make-up. In addition, it is very common to hear patients say that the changes they have achieved have improved their quality of life. Another advantage of this method is that it can be used at any age, for both men and women.

Need more information?

For more information about micropigmentation, you can contact us by phone, email or via the form, our specialists are very reactive and will answer you as soon as possible.