About the Regen-Hair Transplant Centre

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The most experienced medical team

Our clinic is run by an experienced and professional team of health doctors who specialise in the treatment of hair loss

Our vision is constant: to change the world through hair restoration by introducing new technologies, innovative techniques and products designed to contribute to the health and well-being of all hair loss patients, while setting the highest safety standards

Natural Results

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Facility in Belgium

The Regen-hair group is an international group with more than 200.000 successful hair transplants. Today, it has more than 50 clinics worldwide, including our clinic in Brussels, Belgium.

Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to perform hair transplantation in a pleasant environment and under the best possible conditions.

Installed and active since 2013, many people have trusted us. You can consult the various testimonies of people who have already carried out a hair, bead or eyebrow transplant.

établissement DHI à Bruxelles
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Years of expertise

Message from the CEO

Active in the field of hair transplantation and aesthetics in Brussels for more than 30 years, I dedicate myself fully and with passion to my profession. I place the patient at the heart of my concerns and place my expertise at his disposal in order to provide him with a treatment that will meet his expectations.

Dr. Strawczynski François

Director General

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Centre in

Since 2013, Regen-hair has expanded to Belgium where it has established the first Belgian hair transplant centre for men and women in Brussels. With more than 10,000 transplants performed in Belgium, our centre is a pioneer and expert in the field of hair, beard and eyebrow transplants and in micropigmentation.

A Natural result !

You will love it

Whatever hair implant you choose (hair, beard or eyebrows), thanks to our team of specialists you will get the best possible result, a 100% natural result that will last a lifetime!

100% Natural

Continuous follow-up!

Before and after

In order to ensure the well-being of the patient, the smooth running of the transplant and to provide optimal results, our team of specialist doctors carries out a detailed follow-up, accompanying you throughout the hair implant process (before and after). 

Continuous follow-up

Get a Free Diagnosis

In order to guide you as well as possible on the procedures to follow for your hair transplant, beard transplant or eyebrow transplant, we offer you a free diagnosis in which we will send you all the necessary information.